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POS Connections
Build offers a comprehensive solution for jewelry retailers with its multiple point of sale (POS) connections that seamlessly integrate with in-person purchases from physical stores. The platform provides a diverse range of POS connections to meet the unique needs of each retailer, so that you can run your business efficiently with the right tools. Any updates made through your POS system will be immediately reflected on your website, thanks to the automatic syncing with Build. This advanced technology is part of Build's commitment to delivering the latest solutions for the fast-paced jewelry industry, helping retailers stay ahead of the curve.
Build provides seamless integration with EDGE POS, one of many diverse point-of-sale systems that Build can sync with to better serve jewelers. The POS connection streamlines in-person transactions, making it easier to manage sales and improve marketing efforts. This integration is a great addition for any jewelry business looking to improve its overall efficiency and customer experience.
Build, a leading provider of integrated software solutions, now offers seamless integration with ARMS, a popular jewelry-specific business management system. With this integration, Build users can now connect their point-of-sale (POS) systems with ARMS, streamlining their business operations and improving the overall customer experience.
Build's POS Connection to Logicmate streamlines the jewelry inventory management process. With the integration, you can easily track the status of your finished jewelry pieces, raw materials, and loose stones. The integration provides a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage your website, saving you time and ensuring that your data is kept accurate and up-to-date.
Build offers a POS Connection to Crystal, a cloud-based platform for jewelry store management. Crystal provides inventory management and point-of-sale features to modern jewelers. With Build's POS connection to Crystal, jewelers can have their inventory and sales data synced seamlessly, making it easier to manage their business.
Build's POS Connection to Diaspark simplifies jewelry business operations. With its fast transaction processing and comprehensive features like sales, inventory management, order management, payment processing, and real-time analytics, Diaspark is an ideal solution for single and multi-chain retail stores. Connecting with Diaspark through Build gives jewelers greater flexibility and market coverage.
Jewel 360
Build's integration with Jewel 360 provides an advantage for jewelers. Jewel 360 offers professional-grade 360 jewelry photography tools, making it easy to capture high-quality images of jewelry pieces. These tools are software-controlled, eliminating the need for any prior experience in photography. All updates from Jewel 360 can be instantly synced with Build in order to reflect the POS data on your website.
Build offers a connection to Lightspeed, a versatile and user-friendly retail POS system. Lightspeed provides a one-stop solution that enables selling from multiple locations and simplifies retail management. Jewelers can enjoy a seamless integration that streamlines their website management and creation needs by connecting their site to the Lightspeed POS.