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Jewelry Industry Integrations
Build is a comprehensive website solution designed for the jewelry industry with various integrations. Jewelers can leverage systems like Larovo, Rapnet, VDB, and EDGE for product data. You can easily set up an API connection to receive data through these integrations. Build's integration modules are user-friendly, making it easy to access these services and providing your business with a streamlined experience.
Build's Larovo integration offers a comprehensive solution for the jewelry industry. It's a global jewelry products data bank that provides the largest source of data for retailers to manage their inventory. This integration is automatically applied, saving jewelers time and effort by avoiding manual data input. The data is constantly updated, reducing maintenance needs, and providing a standard solution for jewelry-specific CMS.
Build supports integration with Rapnet, the centralized source of diamond inventory information, delivering it directly to your website. This integration is a major advantage for jewelers selling diamond products as it saves them time in marketing and selling. With Build's integration, jewelers can access accurate and up-to-date information without having to manually tap multiple sources. This integration is one of several offered by Build, providing a comprehensive solution that connects your website to crucial and automated online resources.
Build's connection to VDB (Virtual Diamond Boutique) offers a streamlined experience for jewelers buying and selling diamonds. With immediate access to VDB's extensive inventory, jewelers can easily find the diamonds they need to meet customer demand. The seamless connection between Build and VDB is a testament to Build's commitment to providing its users with the best resources and technology in the jewelry industry, making the diamond buying and selling process smooth and hassle-free for both jewelers and customers.
Jewelers Mutual
Build provides a dependable option for jewelry retailers to insure their products with Jewelers Mutual. This connection allows for quick and simple insurance coverage for all of your products. The need for insurance in the jewelry industry is significant due to the value and vulnerability of the items. Build offers assurance by granting easy access to the best insurance protection available. Retailers can now rest easy knowing their jewelry products are secure.
Build integrates with the EDGE jewelry POS system to retrieve information regarding the currently in-stock products. This creates an efficient and automated communication channel between your Build account and your in-store sales. By linking the POS, you can enjoy the benefits of a seamless and integrated system that streamlines your operations and optimizes your website. With Build, you'll have real-time access to important information about your inventory, making it easy to connect your online business with your in-person activities.
Crystal POS
Build and Crystal POS come together to provide a seamless connection between your in-person sales and your CMS. Build offers multiple integrations for effortless inventory and transaction management. Crystal, a cloud-based platform for modern jewelers, provides inventory, POS, and store management features for streamlined operations. The integration between Build and Crystal POS simplifies the process and saves time.
Logic Mate POS
Build integrates with LogicMate POS, providing a seamless connection between your in-person sales and your CMS. This is just one of the many POS integrations offered by Build for smooth and easy syncing. LogicMate POS features a user-friendly point-of-sale system and allows you to convert layaways to sales with a single click, eliminating the need for preprinted forms. With Build's integration with LogicMate POS, managing your sales and inventory has never been easier.
Client Book CRM
Build offers seamless integration with Client Book CRM. This integration is part of Build's multiple software integrations aimed to ensure smooth and efficient syncing between your CMS and other software solutions. Client Book CRM is a comprehensive and professional Jewelry and Retail CRM software designed by industry experts to maximize sales and streamline retail operations. With its powerful clienteling tool, Client Book CRM utilizes customer data to drive sales and improve retail management.
Build integrates with Podium, one of many software integrations designed to enhance communication between applications in the jewelry industry. Podium is a customer interaction platform that enables businesses to communicate with customers through text messages, respond to questions, collect reviews, and gain insight into the customer experience. Build's integration with Podium streamlines business management for a seamless experience.