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World class shopping cart
World Class
Introducing Build's state-of-the-art shopping cart system, seamlessly integrated into your website for effortless shopping. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined functionality, it simplifies the purchasing process, ensuring an enjoyable experience for your customers. Say goodbye to complicated checkouts and hello to a hassle-free shopping journey with Build's cutting-edge shopping cart system.
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World class shopping cart
Convenient &
Flexible Payment
Options with Build!
Build offers a wide range of payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, as well as traditional methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. What's more, it not only provides these versatile payment methods but also robustly supports payment plans, offering unparalleled flexibility for both merchants and customers.
Payment Methods
E-Commerce Platform for Jewelers!
Jewelry-Specific Modules
Appeal to jewelry-specific clients by offering modules such as diamond search, ring builder, watch finder, jewelry specs, and many more.
POS Integrations
Accelerate sales of your in-stock items by connecting your website to any POS, including Logic Mate, EDGE, Arms and more.
Diamond Search Modules
Increase your loose diamond sales by utilizing modules like Diamond Search and Ring & Diamond Matcher, as well as integrations to Rapnet and VDB.
E-Commerce Options
Improve customer satisfaction with trending checkout options such as Amazon, Google, and Apple Pay, and more.
Checkout With Financing
Improve your customer experience with seamless financing options at the checkout. Build offers financing by Wells Fargo, Affirm, and many others. 
Fully Customizable Design
Modify every aspect of your website to fit your unique vision. Use simple yet versatile page builders for total creative freedom.
Marketplace Connections
Expand your client base by connecting your site to the biggest marketplaces, such as Google Shop, Facebook Shop, Amazon, and more.
Fraud Protection
Sell risk free, knowing that every transaction is covered against fraud. Build fraud protection partners absolutely guarantees your security.
OVER 250
Over 250 elite jewelry companies trust the Build platform to effectively manage their website and digital presence. With its robust industry-specific features and intuitive interface, Build provides the tools you will need to showcase your jewelry collections, engage customers, and drive sales. 
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Take Control Over Your
Built-In Squeeze Pages
Create stunning pages to convert more clients, either by applying existing squeeze page templates, or conceiving of your own original ideas with the builder.
Agile Product Assortment
Provide an outstanding experience to customers with fast and flexible product sorting. Allow precise control over how clients can search and view products.
1-2-3 Promotion Generator
Optimize marketing with streamlined promotions. Generate codes, offer an assortment of built-in promos, and easily manage coupons for immediate customer savings.
Integral Lead-Capturing Tools
With tools such as inquiry button, email registries, wishlists, and email this item, you can effortlessly capture and manage leads from online clients. 
SEO Content Generator
Generate unique product titles, descriptions, and metas. Automatically create SEO content for each and every product in a single, powerful function.
Instant Collection Page Builder
Arrange brilliant collections using any products of your choosing and open up an endless range of possibilities for customers.
Smart Popup Banner Builder
Draw in customers with alluring popups, created in moments from premade templates or from scratch, to immediately boost your marketing.
Trade Contact for Promotion
Level up your conversions by offering enticing promotions to customers, in exchange for simply sharing their contact information.
Conversion Code Tracking
Maximize marketing potential with conversion codes. Easily track important website data for valuable insights into customer behavior.
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Brand Product Data Feed By
Laravo can automate brand product data mapping and feed to the Build website platform through its powerful data processing and API capabilities. This helps jewelry retailers to streamline the brand data management process, reducing manual labor and ensuring that accurate and up-to-date product data is transferred seamlessly from the brand to the website.

Build simplifies the process of integrating with any Point of Sale (POS) system, allowing you to effortlessly list products live from your POS. With this seamless connection, your inventory is automatically updated in real-time as products are sold, whether in-store or online. This means you can provide your customers with accurate information about what's currently in stock and what's available for special order. By keeping your inventory up-to-date and visible, Build ensures a smooth shopping experience for your customers, whether they visit your physical store or shop online, making it easier than ever to manage and showcase your products.
POS Connection
E-Commerce is Complex,
Build™ Simplifies it…
So easy to use, any jeweler can do it
So Easy to use,
Any Jeweler can do it!
With Build, even jewelry sellers without any prior experience in web development can effortlessly create and oversee an e-commerce website. The CMS incorporates a user-friendly interface and automation that simplifies tasks and minimizes the requirement for additional work and help.
Receive Technical Support
Reach out for help anytime, anywhere. Build’s team is your go-to resource for all platform-related concerns, whether it's for troubleshooting or implementation of ideas. Full support includes resources such as practical tutorials in the Build Academy and a comprehensive user manual.
Receive technical support
Hire a developer
or…Hire a Certified Build™ Developer
Free up your workforce by hiring a Build certified developer. A professional will handle all aspects of your site with efficient and personal service, applying their deep knowledge of the CMS and the jewelry industry. Build's experts ensure smooth website creation and maintenance.